Crep Protect CRATES ( 2 Pcs Per Box )


Sleek and premium storage boxes providing dust free storage and UV protection panels preventing sunlight discoloration.
Doors are Drop-Front with magnetic closing feature for easy access when stacked.

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Store & Protect your sneakers in style with the Crep Protect Crates
Stackable crates that fit up to size US13 footwear with drop front for easy access when stacked.
UV protection panels which prevent sunlight discolouration
High quality and durable with Crystal front door.
Drop-Front with magnetic closing feature for easy access when stacked
Dust free storage
Fits up to size US13 footwear
2 x Crates Per Box


How do these protect my sneakers?
The black design was made with UV protection panels which prevents sunlight discolouration – key for any sneakerhead. Also the method gives dust-free storage.

What are the measurements?
L: 35.5 x B: 28 x H: 18 (cm). These can fit typically up to a US13 pair of shoes.

How durable are these?
They are designed to be extremely durable with strength of up to 100kg, ensuring easy stacking of a full collection.

Will I have to replace the down the line?
Everything about these are designed to make it last. In particular we added magnetic closing to avoid the wear and tear of a typical door.

Additional information

Weight 3.018 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 37 × 14.5 cm

1 PACK (2 CRATES) 25% Off ", " 2 PACK (4 CRATES) 30% Off ", " 4 PACK (8 CRATES) 35% Off ", " 10 PACK (20 CRATES) 50% Off

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