Crep Protect Comfort Insoles


Poron open-cell technology insoles tailored to your lifestyle
Comfort – with specifically designed elements to suit the needs of the wearer.
Cut to size.

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PORON® COMFORT INSOLES Stability & Breathability for Everyday Performance

Long-lasting comfort and performance, from the first step to the last wear.
Open-cell technology is breathable and helps you stay cool and dry.
Superior shock absorption helps you go longer and reduce fatigue.
Material which maintains its size, shape and fit throughout.
insoles have guide lines for you to shape them perfectly to your shoe size.


What technology is used?
We have three types of insoles. Each uses a different type of Poron open-cell technology to target different purposes

Which insole is best for me?
It depends on your lifestyle.
Comfort – with Poron Comfort technology for everyday use. Very soft.
Impact – with Poron Xrd protection making them great for shock absorption. Think skateboarding or basketball.
Sport – with Poron vive technology to redirect force away from the foot. For powerful push-offs and quick movements.

What sizes do these come in?
Our new insoles have guide lines for you to shape them perfectly to your shoe size.

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