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Presentedby | Percy Street, London

The UK’s first sneaker consignment store, providing an affluent community of sneaker enthusiasts, to experience a compelling, contemporary store design.
The store has been designed to showcase the uniqueness of the products inside, providing an element of discovery, by skirting through the curved walls to experience exclusive features within the store. Creating a museum-style effect with a touch of theatre represents the brand’s culture.

Using our expertise in sneaker cleaning knowledge and technology, the store offers the city’s first sneaker drop-off laundry service of its kind

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Adidas LDN | Oxford Street, London

With the opening of the new London adidas store on Oxford Street, people who enter will have the opportunity to have their sneakers cleaned by professional technicians, where they can choose from a menu on the specific service they would like for their pair of sneakers.
The custom-built Sneaker Services area is a premium take on shoe cleaning; giving users a complete insight into the art of bringing shoes back to life.

The “Sneaker Services” area also exclusively houses the range of adidas x Crep Protect collaboration products.

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Dropout Milano | Via Urbano III, Milan

Opening their first store in September 2018, with Limited edition sneakers & clothing with a premier experience and a central hub to the local sneaker community, it naturally made sense for Dropout to be our partner in the fashion capital of the world.
With our signature waterfall and custom display and seating area, relaunching the store in a collaborative effort proved tremendously successful and we consider it our Italian Home.

The store’s unique LED display can be seen from the streets; standing out as a powerhouse amongst more traditional Milan scenery.

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